I’m looking for a wide variety of topics. Feel free to call me crazy :)! But I would love any/all info regarding the following:

  1. Self-sufficient farming and gardening techniques
  2. Solar power installation and maintenance
  3. Water collection and filtration methods
  4. Off-grid food preservation options (canning, fermenting, dehydration)
  5. Constructing and maintaining off-grid shelters (tiny homes, yurts, earthships)
  6. Sustainable waste management practices
  7. Home remedies and natural medicine for common ailments
  8. Wild foraging and hunting skills
  9. Basic wilderness survival skills (fire building, shelter construction, navigation)
  10. Off-grid communication methods (shortwave radios, Morse code)
  11. DIY appliances and tools for off-grid living
  12. Sustainable living practices (permaculture, composting, recycling)
  13. Essential off-grid kitchen equipment and cooking techniques
  14. Emergency preparedness and disaster management
  15. Financial planning and budgeting for off-grid living.

Please feel free to include any topics along those lines. I’m sure if you’ve read to this point you get where I’m going.